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Why I love the IKEA Ektorp White Slipcover Sectional (and why I got rid of it)

June 5, 2016

The IKEA Ektorp Slipcover Sectional is a beauty. Especially in white. It was my dream couch for YEARS and when we moved into our house this last fall I just knew it was going to be the perfect fit in our new home! I read many blogs where people had awesome experiences with it and so I was very excited to move from corduroy brown sofas to this lovely, white, goes-with-everything sofa.

When our sectional was delivered, it was like a dream. So clean and beautiful with endless possibilities! It was everything I hoped for and more. For the first month or two I had no complaints. I was able to keep it nice and enjoyed just staring at it, haha! Unfortunately, I’m sad to say this didn’t last forever. As much as I tried to make it work, we eventually had to say goodbye to our beautiful sectional. Here’s our story…

Ikea ektorp white slipcover sectional

Let me say, this is definitely NOT an anti Ikea Ektorp Slipcover Sectional post. I just wanted to share our honest experience of why it didn’t work for our family and why it may or may not work for yours. Please keep in mind this is only a look at the *White* Ikea Ektorp Slipcover Sectional. I really can’t speak for any other colors.

Why I love it:

  • It’s beautiful and goes with everything!
  • It’s comfortable
  • It washes out great. It really does and I think this is why most people love it. It was a definite plus!
  • It’s very affordably priced for a sectional

Now, going into purchasing the sectional, I was aware it would require some maintenance. I really thought it would be no problem keeping up with it but I underestimated how much time I truly had available. I realize now that I am in a season of life where I don’t need a LOW-maintenance sofa, I need a NO-maintenance sofa. Here’s the reasons why I got rid of the IKEA Ektorp white slipcover sectional:

  • To keep ours clean I had to wash the entire sectional every two weeks. It got very noticeably dirty if I didn’t wash it this often. I’m not sure every family would need to wash it this frequently, but we did. I honestly just don’t have time to be washing slipcovers in addition to our regular laundry.

Ikea ektorp white slipcover sectional

  • The way our family room was built, our sofa is only footsteps away from our patio where our labrador and two little boys tracked in dirt multiple times a day. I was nervous whenever they came in with bare feet and was stressed about getting their feet super clean before they sat down. We live in South Florida where our only season is: hot. Pretty much all year the kids are barefoot or in Crocs with lots of outside time.
  • I was a nervous wreck any time the kids brought anything other than water to the couch because I knew it meant if there was a spill I either had to: a.) be okay with the stains until the next time I got around to washing them out or b.) wash the cushions right away.
  • My husband and I would get nervous sitting on it with coffee or food. We spill sometimes too ;)
  • I found myself covering the sofa with blankets all the time to prevent stains which defeated the purpose of buying the white pretty couch in the first place.
  • Although the slipcovers wash out very well (especially when using oxyclean and a bleach pen when needed), it’s not a super quick process. It took about three loads to wash all the slipcovers. After washing you need to be careful not to dry them all the way, only about 15-20 minutes. Then you need to put the slipcovers on the cushions while still damp which means you can’t sit on them until dry. This meant to let them dry I had to either keep them stacked somewhere while we sat on the sofa without the cushions for the day or put the damp cushions on the couch to dry and make sure we weren’t sitting on it. (Jeans and the damp couch wouldn’t rub well together).

Between our dog, the boys and us, it was just too much upkeep. We knew we were hoping to add to our family in the near future and the couch was honestly becoming a source of stress for me rather than a joy. As sad as we were to see it go, we decided if our furniture is stressing us out and we can afford to replace it or sell it and buy something else, let’s go for it!

When would the Ikea Ektorp White Slipcover Sectional be a good option? 

In my opinion, it could be a good option for lots of people! A couple helpful considerations might be:

  • Location: If you keep the sofa located somewhere not in close proximity to your backyard, this is a good option for you! (especially basements! I wish we had those here in FL)
  • Maintenance: If you are okay with washing the slipcovers about 1-2 times per month
  • Upkeep: If you aren’t as prone to spilling your coffee as I am ;)

For example, we ended up selling our sectional to another family on craigslist. I honestly feel it was the PERFECT fit for their family. I feel this way because they lived in a town home with a patio that had no dirt that would get tracked in, one daughter who was already ten years old and a very small dog.

I realize that there’s always the option to simply use a different color slipcover or dye the white one to something different. When I shopped for a different color slipcover, they were running about $300 which was simply not in the budget at the time. Also, I really couldn’t find a color I was fond of.

Maybe one day when our kids are older I will return to a white sofa, but it will be a while :) Until then, I am so happy with our no maintenance alternative. What we replaced our sectional with is a fun story that I will share another day but I hope this post is informative and helpful for whoever is considering the Ikea Ektorp White Slipcover Sectional and deciding if it’s a good fit for their family!











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