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Disney Trip Part 2

May 13, 2016

When we left off in Part 1 of our Disney trip, we had a fun night at Epcot to finish our rest day. The next day was Landon’s official 5th birthday!

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I bought some decorations and packed them to decorate the time share that morning. We had cinnamon rolls and fruit for breakfast. Mmm…cinnamon rolls.

Disney Trip

Landon got mostly Star Wars themed presents from us and friends and family. We got him a lightsaber and got Henley one too so they could play together :) They were so excited!

Then we were off to Hollywood Studios for the day! We got there especially early to do the Jedi Training. Let me tell you, signing up for the Jedi Training is intense! We got there at about 8am (the park opens at 9am) and there was already lines forming at the entrance. We were about the 3rd family in our line and I am so glad we were. They ended up opening up the park at 8:35am, surprise! Then it was a mad dash. We had a plan set out where Nate and Landon would run to go sign up and Henley and I would meet them there after since I’m preggo and sloooow. It was crazy seeing all the parents running as fast as they could to sign up for the training. The line was huge! Thankfully, Nate and Landon made good time and got into I think the second show around 10:30am.

Disney Trip

Disney Trip

The Jedi Training was seriously so cool! We were so proud of Landon and how brave he was! They split the kids into two groups. One group would battle Darth Vader and the other was a different girl Star Wars character (I really should know this with my Star Wars loving family, lol!). Anyway, it was so awesome because Landon was put into the Darth Vader group, yay!

Disney Trip

After the Jedi Training, the boys went on Star Tours and we went over to the Star Wars Launch Bay and got to meet Kylo Ren which was super cool. Later we had fast passes to Toy Story Mania, saw a Star Wars show, did some shopping and finished the night with the Star Wars Spectacular fireworks show. It was a super fun day filled with lots of Star Wars and dreams come true for our Landy.

Disney Trip

The next day we returned to Magic Kingdom but this time late at night. We got to ride a bunch of rides with barely any wait times and had a blast!

Disney Trip

Our last day we spent at Disney Springs. Sometimes I think I like Disney Springs even more than the parks! Our favorite places to eat are T-Rex (dinosaur themed restaurant), Earl of Sandwich and Ghirardelli for dessert. I always order the dark chocolate mint chocolate chip sundae there and it is heaven!

We had such a great trip! It was filled with great family time, lots of Starbucks and adventure. Just our kind of vacation ;) We are already planning our next Disney trip because we just can’t stay away for too long!

Are you a Disney World fan? When is your favorite time to visit?



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  • Reply Juli May 13, 2016 at 6:47 am

    It looks like the boys and you guys had the best time! I loved reading about your trip, and I’m glad Landy had a great birthday :)

    • Reply Chrissy Meyst May 14, 2016 at 9:08 am

      Thanks Juli!! We had a great time! <3

  • Reply Lori May 13, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    This is so awesome!!! Feel like I was there with you!!! What a fun adventure!!! Love and hugs all around!!

    • Reply Chrissy Meyst May 14, 2016 at 9:49 am

      Thanks Mom! Love you! :)

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